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Are you living your dream?

Everyone should have a dream; an ambition; a goal – somewhere where they would like to be in the future. Whether it be concerning personal needs, business aspirations, health, happiness, tangible items – It’s good to have a clear vision.

Throughout life, your dreams may do one of two things – fizzle out…or become reality. From a young age, I thought about what I wanted to do; what I wanted to be; and how I was going to get there. My ideas ranged dramatically from wanted to becoming an accountant; to owning my own hotel/B&B; to purchasing a BMW; and having a holiday home in France (living the good life). So at the age of 34 – how am I doing? Well, I now do my own accounts for my business (so I suppose that ticks that box); I have managed a beautiful hotel in my hometown of Stafford (check); and I owned a BMW with a cheesy private reg (tick). So pretty good – I’ll just keep saving for my holiday retreat in France!

One final dream which has been with me since I was 10 was regarding my passion for non-league football and in particular, Stafford Rangers Football Club (The Boro’).

I was first introduced to the non league scene in 1987 by a friend, as I undertook the role of a ballboy for the club. Through wind, gails, rain & shine, I attended the matches at Marston Road loving every minute I was there. I bought replica tops, t shirts, tracksuits, hats, scarves, and umbrellas – basically anything that had the club logo on it – and was proud to promote the club.

Now as you can imagine growing up, other friends were supporting Liverpool, Man United and Villa – and therefore questions were always asked as to why I didn’t support a ‘proper club’. In my eyes, there was only one club for me – and they donned the Black & White Stripes – and played in my hometown of Stafford!

My friends & family soon realised my passion for SRFC was not going to be a short-lived affair, and that even when in later years I moved to Cheshire, Worcestershire & Warwickshire, I still was an avid fan – travelling to as many home and away matches as possible. I knew one day I would be involved in the club in a greater capacity offering my time, advice and support to something I adore.

Perhaps my dream of owning Stafford Rangers and becoming Chairman of the Club was getting closer…..

Sure, I play the lottery every week – hoping that I win and all of the cash can be ploughed into the club. Now although MAUN Consulting Limited is performing very well in its first 6 months – I am not at the multi-million pound profit stage just yet – and so the club will have to wait that little bit longer for my hefty investment!!

So I ask myself….Am I getting closer to my dream? Without a doubt!

I am now a member of the Commercial Department at the club – offering new fresh ideas and inspiration. I receive phone calls from Club Directors; Receive emails and texts from the Club Manager; and I am known by the Players and Staff at the Club. I feel a real sense of responsibility and purpose at the club.

What has made this possible? In my opinion, the thing that has ALWAYS got my through life – POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and of course my complete determination to succeed in everything I do.

My advice – Watch this space – I am in no rush – I have been supporting Rangers for 25 years – and have no intention in fleeing any time soon!

You can keep an eye on what The Rangers are up to on Twitter (@SRFCofficial) & Facebook (Stafford Rangers Football Club). If you’re from the Stafford area – then why not make a trip to Marston Road soon!

‘Up the Boro’!


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