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Developing the Potential

Helping you make the right decision.

Stuart specialises in Business Management, Sales & Marketing, and Project Management, providing a valuable service and support for Owners or Managers of small to medium sized businesses.

Front of House, Back of House, Operations,

Mystery Guest Reports

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Management & Recording

Business Tools
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Ledgers, Reports, Record Keeping

Accounts &
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Experience of running events up to 650 people

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Sharing Ideas, Best Practices for effective Sales & Marketing

Sales & 
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Going Above & Beyond. Putting the Customer First and Exceeding Expectations

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Tidying, Securely Storing & Utilising Customer Databases

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Specialised Skills

Stuart can help improve a business performance through the analysis of existing business systems and procedures, developing plans for long term improvement.

Stuart's skills include:

○ Ability to provide an objective, 'outsiders' look at your business.

○ An open minded approach to analyse, review and recommend improvements to your business, to help maximise revenue, profit and business growth.

○ Offering support, assistance and coaching to sales & marketing personnel, providing fresh ideas.

○ Ability to analyse systems and procedures, and recommend ways in which a more effective and efficient way of performing business tasks can be achieved.

○ Work with proven 'best practice' methods.

What to Expect

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For Short, Medium or Long Term Projects, a clear defined plan and cost will be devised after consultation with the client.

Short, Medium or
Long Term Projects

Monthly retainer fees are available subject to requirements.

Monthly Retainer Consultancy & Services

Available on a day by day basis from £395+VAT. Hourly Consultancy Rates are from £55+VAT per hour.

Daily Consultancy

Packages & Pricing

Drop Stuart a Message

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