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Basic Customer Complaint Handling Tips

After my recent exceptionally poor level of service from a high street bank – where the basic customer complaint service procedures dramatically failed – I have decided to write my top 10 tips for Complaint Handling.

If these steps had been followed, I would now feel like a valued customer and someone who my bank appreciates, rather than just an annoyance, an account number and a bank balance.

If companies get complaint handling right – It will generally lead to a stronger relationship with you and your customer.

  1. Take responsibility from the start and admit when you have failed

  2. Take all comments seriously and do not brush them to one side

  3. Respond quickly and efficiently, and at agreed times

  4. Ensure you follow up and keep in touch with the customer regularly

  5. Respond to the client before they have to chase you

  6. Deliver your promises

  7. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer

  8. Show the customer you care and that you genuinely want to help them

  9. Do everything within your power to resolve matters quickly – even if this means chasing your peers for responses

  10. Strive to turn the complaint around so that the complainer becomes a company ambassador

Remember – the internet is a powerful tool – If you get it wrong – it is likely the whole country will know about it! It’s not rocket science – Just the basic rules of quality Customer Complaint Handling

So who does it right in your opinion?

Thanks for reading


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