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It’s not a lot to ask…..Is it?

My last 17 years have been spent in the hospitality/customer service industry – whether that be behind a bar; in a hot stuffy kitchen; sat at a sales desk; or running the all important wedding. During my time in the industry I have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic hotels and venues (be it for work or pleasure); meet some fantastic people; and most of all get utter enjoyment out of my job. What still amazes me in this country, is the way that basic levels of customer service/communication can differ so much from hotel, to shop, to venue, to attraction – Which college course was studied or which training academy did these people originate from?

In 2009 I visited America for the first time. I was lucky enough to visit most Disney attractions – All different in their own ways – but with one MAJOR thing in common – The customer service. Every Disney employee, in every location seemed genuinely pleased to be there – genuinely pleased to serve – and would genuinely want to help wherever possible. Sure, the hot sunny days put them all in a good mood -and how could you not be happy working alongside Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear –but no matter what time of day or night, you could be assured of a smile, a greeting and interaction (albeit a little over the top).

So why is it not like that in this country?

We all have our problems and our general moans and groans – wages; the weather; the shifts; your colleagues; customers….. But is it really too much trouble to leave them behind and do the job in hand –Smile and serve the customer!?

How many times have you approached a cashier for them to finish their conversation with their colleague? How long do we have to stand waiting to be served, whilst that all-important piece of paperwork gets completed by the member of staff? Or is it just me that it happens to?

Why when I am happy in myself and I try and pass this on to ‘my server’ does it not rub off. I start with one little question – “Hi, How are you today – Having a good day?” – the response , always pretty standard “Not Bad – Better when I get out of here…”. Are we not grateful for our employment nowadays? We all know that work is a major part of our daily routine (unless you’ve just scooped £160m on the EuroMillions). We all know that without our jobs, we wouldn’t be able to survive or have the lifestyles we do. So why is it we seem to torture ourselves whilst we are at work.

Let’s all make a promise. To smile. To be happy in our work. To try and enjoy every moment that we are there. To make others smile too.

It can’t be that much to ask. Can it?

“Have a Great Day”……


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