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The Importance of a Team

Just under 12 months ago I took the plunge and set up my own Company – MAUN Consulting Limited – offering valuable support and advice to business owners, to help them ‘Develop the Potential’ in their organisations. I had come from a background of hospitality – working in some luxurious hotels in the UK with some great teams. My final position in the ‘trade’ was as General Manager in Staffordshire working with a team of about 120. I had people within I could call and count upon when I needed assistance with the day to day tasks – serving the customers, preparing for shifts, to do the accounts, and with hotel maintenance. It was so important to work together – to multi skill – and to be there for one another.

So setting up by myself – how would I cope!? Sure it was a change – I have had to become a secretary, an accountant, a sales man, a telephonist, a marketer, a presenter, an on the road sales man all-in-one – but I still believe that I am part of a much larger team even when i sit in the office by myself – A team that is a very special one. A team of people that I have worked with, have recommended, and have the pleasure of meeting through my career – my advocates, my advisers, and above all my friends.

I live by my life remembering a key phrase – “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. I treat all my business friends (my team) as I would like to be treated – with respect and with honesty. Together we work helping each other along the way in our businesses – be them one-man-bands like myself or for multi employer companies. But with the knowledge that the ‘team’ are there to support me (and vice versa), to offer advice, and to look out for me, takes away the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond, and makes you feel that you can tackle any situation that arises in your business.

I am very lucky to have made such wonderful friendships throughout my career with people that are so passionate and positive about life & work in general. Positivity breeds positivity. I now have the option to choose who I want to be in my select ‘team’ and together we can all achieve our personal goals.

It’s important to remember that it’s not all about work – there has to be a pleasurable get together ‘off duty’ too – but hey, that’s not difficult to spend an evening with a special ‘team ‘of people that share the same ethics and beliefs in life.

In summary – If you think you can do it alone in any business, you can’t. You need a team and support structure around you to make it happen. No matter how large or small your company is, make sure you invest one main thing into your team – TIME. If your team feel good about themselves then they will produce good result. Simples.

Thanks for reading.

Stuart Maun MAUN Consulting Limited Developing the Potential

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